Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beach Grajagan

Grajagan Beach is located approximately 52 km to the south of the City of East Banyuwangi.Jawa. Beaches strategic position makes it a gateway to the Plengkung. Beaches around Grajagan numerous artificial caves located at a height so that we can oversee the entire region.

Along the south coast of Banyuwangi is promising a matchless natural beauty, especially a row of mountains, plantations, beaches, and ocean expanse stretching from the Indian Ocean. Among the beach Grajagan, Plengkung and other beaches in the National Park Alas Purwo.
Grajagan is ideal as a transit or as a gateway to get to the beach Plengkung. Besides its location not too far to go to the National Park Alas Purwo, Grajagan also very beautiful and far from the city noise.

From Grajagan to go to Plengkung takes about two hours with a boat rental on the beach, the trip was almost as if we use a car to pass through the land route. This is because macadam road leading to the National Park Alas Purwo, conditions are terrible.

Grajagan may be an option for tourists who want to make a trip to the National Park Alas Purwo by boat. An area of ​​314 hectares is located in the forest KPH South Banyuwangi, precisely in the plot 111 BKPH Curahjati or administratively located in the village administration Grajagan, District Purwoharjo, Banyuwangi.

Wanawisata is managed by the Independent Trade Union - Tourism, Seed and Other Business (KBM-WBU) Perhutanioffice Unit II of East Java in wanawisata Grajagan, also available in the form of lodging facilities. Visitors who want to spend the night to enjoy the silence of nature with a blend of raging waves do not need to worry, this tourist location there are 10 rooms and 2 house-shaped bungalows facing towards the sea.

Tarifnyapun very affordable variartif and between 100 thousand - 150 thousand. Services at this wanawisata also non-stop for 24 hours. But the tourists who come here mostly local tourists, tourists rarely spend the night here, however, this place is still worthy to serve as a transit point for tourists who want to park Purwo Alas, he added. Grajagan wanawisata is generally only visited crowded on holidays only, but can enjoy the beauty of the beach with a blend of woods, visitors can witness the activities of fishermen in the morning when set out in search of fish and lower fish catch. Other views can be enjoyed here to see the ocean waves off of the top shelter and three Japanese cave overlooking the sea towards the south, which is the legacy of the Japanese army during the second world war. To reach this location is very easy, the course is paved and can be reached using a private car or public transportation to the location. If taking public transportation from the city of Banyuwangi, Jember majors can take the bus or vice versa, and get off at Benculuk, from Benculuk trip continued rise of rural transport is about 12 km towards Grajagan.

An interesting trip to Alas Purwo Grajagan is to use a rental boat, the main heading to the beach Ngagelan which is where the leatherback turtle breeding, gray and green. Each night workers here are always looking for turtle eggs for hatching, tourists who have arrived at this Ngagelan can directly release turtles that are ready and when released into the sea off every time.

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