Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beach plengkung

Plengkung Coast G-Land, the Seven Giant Waves Wonder "nickname was given by foreign surfers to the waves roll on shore Plengkung National Park which is located in Alas Purwo (TNAP), Banyuwangi, East Java. G has three different connotations: Green, krn location on the edge of the forest, Grajagan, the name of the nearest point before crossing the road in the woods or Great krn one of the world's best waves. Whatever the means, that's the nickname for a local name called Plengkung.

Waves in Plengkung is one of the best in the world. Waves as high as 4-6 meters along the 2 km Dlm formation seven layers suitable wave ridden by surfers left-handed. Plengkung addition to professional surfer, there are also Beach Batu Lawang to learn. The waves here called "twenty-twenty," which means twenty minute paddle to ketengah and twenty minute catwalk enjoy the waves.

National Park Alas Purwo besides surfers paradise is also a place which can satisfy the preferences of adventure through the woods, observing wildlife in Sadengan and visit the mystical gua2. Somehow TNAP also places most frequently visited for the purpose of meditation with various ethnic and religious backgrounds from all over Indonesia. Some people even have survived 3 years meditating jungle / cave with only eating food potluck or daun2an didptkan distinguished surroundings. Gua2 place to meditate is the Cave Palace, Princess Cave and Cave Padepokan, in addition to the Cave of Tigers who supposedly has mystical value high. This cave is reached from Post Pancur as far as 2 km on foot.

In addition to the meditation cave, there is already a distinguished Old Temple was there long before the National Park Alas Purwo there. Kenunikan temple is located amid forests Alas Purwo National Park. The cave is named Giri Seloka; much visited by devotees on the holy day Paging Wesi.

Sadengan 200 observations where the tail of a bull, as well as deer and peacocks, are not far from the entrance Rawabendo, 3 km macadam road through the old teak plants which have been reforested status. Ngagel beach where leatherback turtle breeding, abu2 and green is just 3 km from Rawabendo through macadam road and sandy beach.

TNAP distinguished location is at the threshold of a distinguished narrows east, has a lot of nice beaches silent, distant, far away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist city. Its beaches classified as fine and white sandy beaches Trianggulasi. Here lies the inn who is good enough to spend the night, but perhaps the most swift current.

Pellet with its white sand beach yg big round sand very lightly, so that was difficult to walk dipantainya. There is another beach with sand which Ireng Parang jet black. On the beach between Pancur to Plengkung sapodilla forest there is a unique kecik who grew lined the beach. Kecik sapodilla fruit woods with red-colored skin who no one to harvest and falling on the ground, the fruit can be eaten straight with a sweet taste.

Alas Purwo Forest National Park can be reached via the town of Banyuwangi towards Muncar or Benculuk continue towards via Tegal Dlimo Anyar Market. From here drive 10 km through the macadam road to the main door of the National Parks in Rowobendo. From Rowobendo, 3km with macadam road leading to the post Pancur. From Pancur bercabang2 road towards Sadengan, Ngagel beach or continue to Plengkung. From Pancur to Plengkung 6 km, although still a new asphalt road (a small fraction has not been completed), while this may only be achieved with 3 ways: for 2-hour walk, ride bike trail along the National Park Alas Purwo jagawananya, or using transport Special pick-ups who run the National Park Alas Purwo. Private vehicles may only be parked at the post Pancur. Location Ngagel beach, Sadengan, Trianggulasi beach reachable within a minute of Pancur because it can easily be reached by using any vehicle.

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