Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beach Ngagelan

Pantain Ngagelan located 7 km west from the coast Trianggulasi Banyuwangi. Residents around the base Purwo prefer to call it Marengan Coast. Mileage from the post Rowo dam about 30 minutes, the way of quite exotic, since the right hand and left there are tall trees are lush.

Ngagelan also hatcheries children turtles clean sandy beaches integrated with mangrove forest and tropical forest. become a tour which was absolutely fantastic. if you are lucky you can find stretch of beach with clean sand and very wide when the sea water surut.Hamparan clean sand with a combination of mangrove forests and tropical forests make these turtles feel comfortable to incubate their eggs, in April, May and June, when the trade winds from the east brings warm air to the coast of Java island, turtles - sea turtles from south landed on the beach.

Weather cycle has become one of the factors turtle to perform labor. Maternity Turtle on the beach Ngagelan marine tourism attraction. Every night, there were about 30 turtles who do labor. Although spawn at night, but the turtle is not going to land when the coast is visited by people.

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