Sunday, April 24, 2011

Waterfall Wonorejo

Wonorejo Waterfall located in the village Kalibaru Wetan, Hamlet Wonorejo, but by people around the waterfall is a waterfall called twin "Tirto newly wed" because there are 2 (two) streams of water at a glance like a bride lined men and women.

The appeal of waterfalls "Tirto newly wed" is located in d beauty, the buildings are still fairly simple with the natural scenery at the foot of the mountain roar makes this place was cool and calm. According to one guard post, supposedly the origin (Chronicle) waterfall is done by Mbah Citro Ward and make this place as the last level of 7 (seven) waterfall on the slopes of Mount Raung Kalibaru path.

Tips Towards a Nature Tourism Waterfall Tirto newly wed:
About 20 meters from the station Kalibaru left the road there is a bend, then just follow the directions to the location of the falls. Make sure your tires are still good condition, because the path to the location is a fairly steep plantation roads filled with rocks prejeng. If you include a person who likes to linger in one place, it would be nice to bring drinks and snacks for your favorite dive site is very minimal food and beverage vendors. There are several coffee shops and fried foods, but usually they are only open on holidays.

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