Monday, April 18, 2011

Goa Greweng Gunung Kidul

Goa is located in the area Greweng has the potential to be tourist cave at once exciting and challenging. With cave ornaments are unique, like a stalactite and stalagmites, add to the beauty of this cave.

This cave is often used as a place to meditate, even today, many mystical stories that happened in this cave. Goa is also often a habitat for hedgehogs, and if lucky, we could see when we explore the hedgehog this cave. In addition to your hedgehog can also see bats hanging here. When you go in this cave you will see stalagmites and stalactites that gleam like a gem crystallized.

Good advice can you consider is do not forget to bring flashlights, torches or candles when you visit this place. Coupled with a camera if you want to capture precious moments here. Do not be surprised if you get the amazing results and beautiful here.

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