Monday, April 18, 2011

Regent Graveyard mountain Poncodirjo Kidul

Islamic peiode Building is located at Hamlet Village Genjahan Kerjo I Ponjong District. Regent Gunungkidul Pontjodirjo is the first capital of the district at that time still located in District Ponjong. However, long-serving regent Pontjodirjo not, due to the determination of boundary area between the Sultan of Yogyakarta and Gunungkidul Mangkunegara II on May 13, 1831, the Gunungkidul at that time (without sub Ngawen) has become a regional district. Regent Pontjodirjo replaced by Mas Tumenggung Prawirosetiko which divert the capital position of the district, from district to Wonosari Ponjong.

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