Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ivory Plengkung Yogyakarta

Gate-Plengkung Historically Kraton has the gate (Plengkung), amounting to five pieces in his castle, namely:
Plengkung Tarunosuro which lies east of the plaza north of the now more commonly known as Plengkung Wijilan because it is located in the area Wijilan.
Plengkung Madyasura on the eastern side of Yogyakarta Kingdom. Plengkung was closed on June 23, 1812, as it became known as plengkung Buntet (closed). In the reign of Sultan Hamengkubuwana to VIII plengkung are dismantled and then replaced with normal arch gate.
Plengkung Nirbaya, located south of the town plaza south and Plengkung sekerang better known as Ivory. Plengkung Nirbaya the southern tip of the main axis of the palace. From this place of Sultan HB I go to Sultan of Yogyakarta at the time of transfer of central government from Kedhaton Amber Ketawang. This gate is traditionally used as a route out for a long funeral procession of the Sultan to Imogiri. For this reason this place became closed to the Sultan who was enthroned.
Plengklung constable is located on the west side is better known as a sari plengkung park because it is situated adjacent to Taman Sari.
Plengklung Jagasura located west of the plaza north and more known as plengkung gerjen.

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