Thursday, April 21, 2011

Well Gumuling Yogyakarta

Not many people know that buildings Gumuling wells located in one complex with a park of this pollen is actually an underground mosque which is used in the heyday of Yogyakarta Palace. To get to the wells first Gumuling there are two roads through the west gate and east gate. Actually, these gates are part of the culvert (culvert) to the wells gumuling. West gate now only remnants as well as undo-urungnya has collapsed making it impossible to pass, while the east gate is still in reasonably good condition and fail-urungnyapun still passable.
Well Gumuling is building a mosque that has a lot of philosophy in terms of its architecture. The main door gumuling wells so that there is only one entrance and exit fatherly must use the same door. banhwa it contains the philosophy of human life comes from God and will return to God. The well in question was sebndiri there in the middle of the building and on these there are stairs to get to the second floor. that date there are five pillars of Islam refers to the number, four are headed ketengah forming a small courtyard and one other staircase connects to the second floor. That is one staircase above shows bilamanan we have been "able" then we can perform the Five Pillars of Islam is the 5th of pilgrimage. On the 2nd floor there are 4 windows that define the compass.

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