Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kampong Yogyakarta Tourism Dipowinatan

Kampung Dipowinatan tour is quite new to all of you but keep in mind that this tourist village has been proclaimed since 4 November 2006. At a glance, if you do not look closely at Dipowinatan hometown looks the same as the existing kampug other cities. Namin if you enter the village Dipowinatan assuming you will be able to tepis. Besides environment neat and clean also sosiokultur community life while maintaining the tradition becomes its own dance.

The concept offered is Blusukan and visiting family disebuah Java. Where tourists in visiting should use Java clothes and also tourists will be treated with typical culinary Java. It also served tours tourists packed inner experiences in reality life, where tourists are invited dive while enjoying the daily routine of life of local communities such as if there are residents who hold a wedding tourists are invited jagong by way of Java and also contributed, even the tourists come Rewang . There was also a package Enjoy the Culture of packages to enjoy the atmosphere in performing arts and enjoy a variety of attractions full of traditional values​​.

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