Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kaya Tour Fire

Fire rating is a source of unfailing fire located in a protected forest area in the Village District Sendangharjo Ngasem, Bojonegoro, East Java. A village that has a forest area of ​​about 42.29% of the village. According to the story, Fire of Heaven is a place bersemayamnya Mbah Kriyo Kusumo or professor Supa or better known as Mbah Pandhe derived from the Majapahit kingdom. In the west there is a fire source mud puddle that smelled of sulfur and by the belief that time Mbah Kriyo Kusumo still active as a maker of agricultural equipment and heritage such as kris, spears, cundrik and others.

Source of Fire, by the surrounding society there are those who consider sacred and according to the story, the fire should only be taken if there is an important ceremony as was done in the past, like the ceremony Jumenengan Ngarsodalem Hamengkubuwono X and to take the flame through a precondition for the salvation / Wilujengan and Tayuban using fending eling-eling, wani-wani and Gunungsari which is a favorite gising Mbah Kriyo Kusumo. Therefore, when these gising dialunkan and danced by waranggono not be accompanied by anyone. From various sources of the story, then the fire rating letakya about 25 km from the capital Bojonegoro serve as natural attractions and be a place for important ceremonies which Bojonegoro Anniversary, and Graduation Waranggono ruwatan mass. These sights were fixed with various facilities such as pavilion, where snacks, connecting road to the location and other facilities. The location is excellent for heaven fire activity as the wild tourist sites (outbound). And on certain days, especially on Friday Pahing a lot of people coming in that location for a specific purpose such as for business smoothly, to mate, got the position and even some who want to get heirloom. The event is traditionally held Nyadranan community (clean villages) as a manifestation of gratitude to the Almighty. Nature tourism development aimed at improving the fire rating of infrastructure and means of transport, telecommunications and adequate accommodation.

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