Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tour Pascal Reservoir

Pacal Reservoir tourist attraction is located approximately 35 km south of the capital of East Java Bojonegoro is a natural attractions and to get to these attractions can be reached by private vehicle (car / motorcycle) or by public transport (colt or bus) Bojonegoro majors-nganjuk then down next three dams pascal and to the location of the reservoir by foot as far as 2 km. Pacal Reservoir which has an area of ​​approximately 3.878 square kilometers with a depth of 25 meters, is a relic building irrigation facilities, netherlands, built in 1933 with multifunctional benefits. Tourist attraction is the grandeur and solidity of the Dutch era heritage building in 1933 and the stretch of water is abundant with natural scenery and stunning teak forest. Agenda pacal dam tour conducted routinely, ie, every October in conjunction with the anniversary event held ritual Bojonegoro Sengkolo float and use discernment Jamasan Waranggono Tayub Graduation Waranggono Tayub. Facilities available at tourist sites is the rest house (a place to stay), arena, fishing, boat rowing, where snacks and convenience. Pascal Reservoir tourism development aimed at developing transport facilities, accommodation, adequate telecommunications facilities and increased tourism.

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