Monday, April 18, 2011

Megalithic Sites Sokoliman Mount Kidul

Located in the Hamlet District Bejiharjo Karangmojo Sokoliman Village. This site was formed in prehistoric periods in the form of menhirs, menhir fragments and wall rock tomb. In 1934 Jl Moens and Van der Hoop conduct research on Site Sokoliman by finding the grave-shaped beads, iron tools, fragments of pottery and bronze objects. In 1989 BP3 (Balai Preservation of Archaeological Heritage) of the province of Yogyakarta to reform menhir collect the scattered relics and surrounding communities call this megalithic tombs called Budho. In the megalithic menhir is the embodiment of public figures who have died but it also serves as a medium of worship to the spirits of ancestors. Sokoliman megalithic culture has a distinctive, especially in menhirnya, namely at the top of the carved human face.

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