Sunday, April 24, 2011

Swimming Jatisrono

Jatisrono Swimming is a natural pool that is often used as a place of recreation for families at the holidays. The swimming pool is very close to Waterfall Wonorejo. Jatisrono have a very natural panorama and the very fresh air. Sure not to miss when you come to Banyuwangi. Swimming pool Jatisrono situated approximately 60 km from Banyuwangi or 5 km from Kalibaru. Waterfalls Wonorejo have a place located in the vicinity of Kalibaru Wetan (East Kalibaru) with the location at the foot of Mt roar, while the swimming pool is situated in the village Jatisrono Kajarharjo in District Kalibaru. If you are going to the pool Jatisrono then you will pass through the expanse of coffee plantations, exquisite chocolate and cold

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