Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gumuk Kancil

Gumuk Kancil was precisely in Wonoasih village, district of Glenmore, which is where petilasan Maharesi Markandeya before continuing the ritual to the ground in Bali. Maharesi Markandeya was the first planter Panca Datu Agung Pura Besakih Bali. A Great temple stands firmly on a hilltop with a motif based Prambanan andesite stone brought from Central Java and Bali are intended as a symbol of the unity of the Java-Bali.

Tips Towards the Great Temple Tour History Gumuk Kancil:
From sub-tiles to the north as far as 7 kilometers to the district Sempu.
From district to the village Sempu Sumbergondo, Glenmore district 3 km past the station and the station Kalisetail Sumberwadung. From village to village Wonoasih Sumbergondo 2 km follow the directions to the location.

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