Saturday, April 9, 2011

Swimming Pool Kartika Sragen

Kartika Swimming Pool is one of the mainstay tourist objects owned by the District Sragen.Objek this tour is located inside the city and easy to achieve. Various facilities are provided to support the convenience of visitors, among others, the main pool, children's pool equipped with a conveyor belt, slide pool, fishing pond, playground, family parks, and cafeterias. Kartika Pool can be reached by passing through the town square, then turn right around 1.5 km.

Sightseeing closest that can be visited after a long trip that is Swimming Pool Kartika. Swimming Pool Kartika was in town of Sragen, precisely in the street adjacent to Veterans Stadium Football Sragen. Swimming Pool Kartika unveiled for public consumption by Sragen Regent, April 26, 1988, occupying an area of ​​approximately 2 hectares. Once visitors enter the Park Swimming Pool Kartika, first encountered was the parking lot, which can accommodate approximately 50 vehicles cars. In addition to the parking lot there is a fishing pond that has a monitoring hut to relax, and gardens planted with different flowers. After gaining admission ticket at the counter, then the tourists will enter the page Kartika swimming pool surrounded by a fence wall 3 meters high. Swimming Pool Kartika divided 2 (two) main parts, namely:
Swimming pool to the public. The swimming pool has a length of 25 meters and 12.5 meters wide, whereas it is very varied which is 3 meters, 2.5 meters and 1.50 meters

Swimming pool for children. The swimming pool has a length of 12.5 meters, 3 meters wide and 60 inches inside.

To maintain the convenience of the customers so the pool is always done drain once a week. Swimming Pool Kartika arena is equipped with children's games. The facilities available are bumpy sled, dressing rooms son / daughter, toilet, cafetaria, warehouse, office managers, and others. Some efforts have been and will be taken include the expansion of tourism so that visitors can increase their capacity and improve range of motion and comfort of visitors; development and restructuring as well as the addition of a playground game equipment, and arrangement of the cafeteria and the addition of a new pool.


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