Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mount cubeb Sragen

Pilgrimage Tourism Object Tomb of Prince Samudro who is better known as "MOUNTAIN cubeb" always interesting for review. Things that makes this interesting tourist attraction is the view of the pros and cons of the Tomb of Prince Samudro itself and the story circulating in the community. There are 2 (two) paradigms that developed in the midst of the people on Mount Tomb of Prince Samudro or cubeb. First, the belief in some communities that if they want ngalap blessing or a petition granted, then the people who come to the Tomb of Prince Samudro must perform ritual sex with the opposite sex who is not their husband or wife during 7 (seven) times in one eight (1 eight = 35 days).

This negative paradigm needs to be clarified for the pilgrims do not get stuck in the wrong paradigm and belief. Each pilgrims or visitors who want a request or be granted his wish to appeal to the Almighty God, by praying and trying on the right path. In short, the negative paradigm that develop in society is not true.
Second, the pilgrimage to the Tomb of Prince Samudro or Mount cubeb is a ritual that contains the value of virtue in the remembrance service and nobleness of soul diziarahi figures. With a pilgrimage at this place, man will be expected to always remember death so that in their everyday life would be closer to Almighty God and always do good in accordance with the nobleness of soul and a model of a figure who diziarahi.

Administratively, Tourism Village is located in Mount cubeb Pendem, District Sumberlawang, Sragen, Central Java.
Geographically, the Object cubeb Mountain tourism is about ± 29 km in the northern city of Solo. From Sragen around 34 km to the north. The distance can be achieved by using private vehicles and public transport.

From the town of Sragen can be reached for ± 45 minutes with a motor vehicle through the streets of Sragen - Pungkruk / Sidoharjo - Tanon - Sumberlawang / Gemolong - Mount cubeb.
From the city of Solo to use motor vehicles for ± 30 minutes, passing through Solo - Purwodadi down in Barong and then to Mount cubeb by boat across the Kedung Ombo.

Mountain Regions cubeb is a hill with a height of about 300 meters above sea level. With the construction Kedung Ombo make the Tomb Prince Samudro located on a hill that juts into the middle Kedung Ombo. Therefore, cubeb Mountain Tourism is also one of tourist objects in Sragen. The tomb complex is Prince Samudro Cultural Tourism in Sragen. The area consists of:
The main building houses shaped joglo with brick walls and the top of the wood-paneled board. Inside there are three graves. One large fruit-covered tomb is the tomb of Prince selambu fabric and R.Ay. Samudro Ontrowulan. Meanwhile, two other tombs is the tomb of Prince Samudro two faithful servant who always follow wherever he went.

On the right there is the tomb of the spring (water source) is called "Spring Ontrowulan". Spring is a place of purification R.Ay. Ontrowulan when going to meet his son who had died. Spring water is known to never run out, even in the dry season though.

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