Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Temple Panataran

Object Panataran Temple Tour is a Hindu temple background (Siwaitis) located in East Java, precisely in the southwestern slopes of Mount Kelud, north of Blitar. This temple complex is the largest in East Java. This temple was built from the kingdom of Kadiri and used until the kingdom of Majapahit. Upgrading temple symbolizes the arrangement of the royal government-the kingdom in East Java. The original name of the temple is a temple believed Upgrading Palah Palah mentioned in inscriptions, was built in 1194 by King Çrnga (Syrenggra) who holds Sri Maharaja Sri Sarweqwara Triwikramawataranindita Çrengalancana Digwijayottungadewa Kediri kingdom who ruled between the years 1190 to 1200, as the temple mountain to a place of worship ceremony Facebook to neutralize or escape from danger caused by Kelud that often erupt. Book written by MPU Negarakretagama Prapanca telling journey of King Hayam Wuruk, who ruled the kingdom of Majapahit between the years 1350 - 1389, to the temple to worship Palah Hyang tangible Acalapati Girindra (king ruler of the mountain). The similarity of names mentioned in the book Girindra Negarakretagama with the name of Ken Arok, who holds Girindra or Girinatha Upgrading suggests that the temple is a place pendharmaan (cremation), Ken Arok, Girindra also is the name of one dynasty that derived by Ken Arok besides Rajasa dynasty and dynasty Ward. While Hyang Acalapati is one manifestation of Lord Shiva, similar to peneladanan (khodam) Bathara properties of Shiva who is said to run Ken Arok. Like most of East Javanese temple reliefs in carved figures based on the analogy that didharmakan romance alive in the area, relief of the Ramayana with the figures of Rama and Shinta, and relief Krisnayana with figures Krishna and Rukmini, who carved on temple walls Upgrading can be said is similar to the story of Ken Arok and Ken Dedes. Ketokohan Ken Arok himself is still a controversy between the character of a bandit who ambition to improve offspring after understanding the meaning of light that emanated from the cave of Ken Dedes garbha he saw and then kill Tunggul Ametung who became her husband nareswari, with the character of a nobleman who has a duty of MPU Purwa which is the father of Ken Dedes as well as descendants of MPU Sindok to restore the glory Kanjuruhan kingdom conquered by the kingdom of Kediri, with support among the brahmins of the two kingdoms. Once all of the kingdom of Kediri mpu moved into the area before Ken Arok killed Tumapel Tunggul Ametung and the cause of defeat in the battle against Tumapel Kediri in the region Ganter in 1222. MPU Gandring killed who did not complete kris Ken Arok's orders on time is said to also relate to the mpu who began to leave the kingdom of Kediri, Ken Arok, giving rise to suspicion that the MPU Gandring pro Kediri. Keris is then completed by another mpu so beautifully that attract attention and are easily recognized when Kebo Ijo show it off to everyone, before finally Ken Arok dagger used to kill Tunggul Ametung.

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