Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tourism Jar

Tourism Objects Jar bordering Bradford and Tourism Pekalongan Jar is at the foot of Mount Slamet. Jars that are geographically into Tegal regency is a fertile area of ​​the cold valve. The atmosphere pegununungan already apparent when we entered the Tegal regency. The jar is precisely located in District Bumijawa, Tegal regency.

Before entering the hot spring attractions that we would be arriving Jar fertile area with views of rice paddies, vegetable oil and red onion will dominate along the right and left sides of the road we've been through. Pain can not wait to feel the water that it seems efficacious in the Jar entertained with beautiful scenery and cool air. Royal road to a less crowded Jar increasingly penetrated the soul and awaken the peaceful rural suasasa.

About five miles back to the location, it appears the villas that line the edge or lodging rented to accommodate travelers who want to spend the night. Tegal is not only known by the jar, tea pocinya must not forget to taste. It feels less afdol if've arrived at Tegal not sipped his tea is thick and sweet. Pocinya made of clay adds its own pleasure.

According to the myth that has been around for hundreds of years, hot water jar is Walisongo water given to the people they sent to broadcast the Islamic religion to the western part of Central Java in the vicinity of Tegal. Because water was placed in a jar (pitcher), and efficacious to bring blessings, people mention the location of the water with a jar.

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