Saturday, April 16, 2011

Monuments Bambang Sugeng Waterford

Sightseeing is bernuasa history of the struggle of Indonesia at the time of the war for independence. The place is next to a small hill in sebeleh east of Waterford city bus terminal. Dikomplek monument to the struggle of Major General (Ret.), Bambang Sugeng (late) this, there SUGENG BAMBANG MONUMENT stone inscriptions written in the Japanese army troops captured Bambang Sugeng in Waterford. Writing with kanji that reads "Wampo Daiwa Daigetzu"which means "world Seloeroeh Sekeloearga" also inscribed on the same stone. This place is also frequented by Japanese tourists, especially from the family of former Japanese soldiers who had been feeling indebted to Bambang Sugeng because at that time was treated well.

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