Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tourism Kopeng

Kopeng Tourism is the name of a village located in the district Getasan, Semarang, Central Java, about 15 km from the city of Salatiga. Located at an altitude of 1450 m from the sea surface. Flanked by mountain Telomoyo, Andong and Merbabu. Presenting a compelling panorama of the natural feel with beautiful stretch of countryside combined flower and vegetable plants to form a soothing atmosphere beautiful.

Tourism Kopeng Salatiga
Kopeng ecotourism has several ideal locations that could be used as family recreation, camping, outbound and conference events and seminars in institutions.
To go Kopeng from Semarang, you can use two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel toward Kopeng. Smooth asphalt road conditions, be careful not to drive too fast, because the wide road is only enough for two cars.
At tourist sites there are waterfalls Bannerman Kopeng Songo, which means nine springs. If you go to the location of this Songo Bannerman will smell fragrant mountain air is clean and fragrant wild flowers that grew around tourist sites.
In Kopeng there are many villas are equipped with TV and hot water, meeting room, dining room, even the kitchen. So you can cook yourself if desired. Feeling at home with ample parking. You can freely enjoy the holidays and recreation.
For those of you who like to climb a mountain, you can visit Kopeng Wana Wisata. And look at the mountain Merbabu with diterawangi by the afternoon sun. Become like a sparkling mountain peak. Not to mention the fresh air.

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