Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Sangiran tourist attraction located in the village Krikilan Kalijambe or about 40 km from Sragen or 17 km from Solo. Sangiran Dome save tens of thousands of fossils from the era pleistosencoarse (about 2 million years ago). These ancient fossils are ancient hominid fossils of 65% in Indonesia and 50% worldwide. To date more than 13,685 have been found fossil in the Museum's fossil 2931, the rest is stored in the warehouse.

As the World Heritage List (World Cultural Heritage). The museum has facilities including: exhibition space (the human fossils, ancient animals), laboratory, warehouse fossil, chamber slides and souvenir stalls Sangiran.

Object Privileges Tours Sangiran, according to research experts in the ancient geological past is the stretch of ocean. As a result of geological processes and consequences of natural disasters the eruption of Mount Lawu, Mount Merapi, and Mount Merbabu, Sangiran becomes Mainland. This is evidenced by the layers of soil-forming regions are very different from Sangiran soil elsewhere. Each soil layer was found in the fossils by type and era. For example, many Marine Animal Fossils found in the bottom layer of soil, which was once a sea.

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