Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Banjar Hot Water

Banjar Hot Water is located in the village of Banjar, Buleleng district about 24 kilometers west of Singaraja. To reach the location of Hot Water Banjar we can use four-wheel vehicle and two wheels with the road conditions are good enough. Banjar Hot Water is a natural hot springs that are considered to cure diseases such as skin diseases.

Banjar Hot water source predicted hundreds of years old, where since the Japanese occupation era hot springs has been addressed and utilized. The Japanese government at that time to build three water storage pond for bathing, because water is produced contains sulfur which can cure skin diseases. Until now, the baths are still used by the public and wisatawan.Di side as a place to bathe and swim, besides the pool there is also a shower that has a height of about 3.5 m.

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