Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Water Sanih

Water attractions Sanih is located about 17 km from the town of Singaraja. This place is a bathing place with natural water sources. According to legend this place is a bathing place for young couples. According to local belief, the source of this water has the origin of Lake Batur is located hundreds of miles from this place. Water from these sources are often used in Hindu religious ceremonies. In these places can also be found temples devoted to the god Vishnu. This tourist object is a natural pool. Located in the Village District Sanih Kubutambahan ± 17 km east of Singaraja. Water Sanih famous springs that appear endlessly on the southeast corner of this pool. These springs are the river flow in the soil that comes from Lake Batur. There are two pools in this place, one for adults and one for children. A few meters to the north it is surrounded by a sea which is relatively safe for swimming and other water sports activities or just lying idle on a black sand beach. Around this object has been available a few small inns and restaurants and parking areas as support facilities.
source: buleleng.go.id

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