Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beach Sekongkang

Sekongkang Beach beautiful and exotic. Maybe you rarely or never even heard Sekongkang Coast. Though the beach is located at the corner of Sumbawa Island is very beautiful and exotic. Charm will amaze anyone who visits. I was very amazed when I first saw this beach. I guarantee you'll fall in love on this beach so you see it.
Beach Sekongkang hidden location in the southwest corner of Sumbawa Island, precisely in the Lower Village Sekongkang, District Sekongkang, West Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. To reach this beach is they need to fight. From Port of Poto Tano, Sumbawa Island in the west end, you have to down a winding road, up and down and often perforated here and there, as far as 55 km. However, all the sacrifices you will be paid off when I got on the Beach Sekongkang. Clean white sandy beaches and gentle will welcome your arrival. Sea water is crystal clear bluish-green color will refresh your eyes. The hills towering around the coast, the Coast keeksotisan Sekongkang add this.
The sun was somewhat biased toward the west when I got to the beach and Annas Sekongkang. Its rays are not so hot, but still warm. I immediately checked in at the Tropical Beach Club & Spa Resort, the only hotel located right on the edge Sekongkang Coast and is the best hotel in the West Sumbawa regency. After putting the goods in the room and change clothes, we immediately streets around the hotel and sat around relaxing on the couch, on the edge of a swimming pool overlooking the beach. Annas directly even swim in the pool. I do not want to swim because it is still tired, and want to laze around the beach before enjoying the beautiful scenery in front of the hotel.

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