Saturday, May 28, 2011

Maluk Beach

Beach is located in the Village Maluk Maluk, District Jereweh, West Sumbawa Regency. From this Maluk Beach, tourists can see the enchanting beauty of the Gulf Maluk. Not only that. Maluk beach often used by tourists as a surfing arena. No wonder when the world-class surfers at the beach always scheduled activities Maluk.

"Waves on the Beach Maluk has been included in the list of world's best waves for surfers," explained Eldiman, one surfboard at the Beach manager Maluk SH encountered recently. By the surfers, the waves on the beach Maluk given the nickname Super Suck. The nickname was given because the waves toward the mainland was divided by a headland.

By local residents, the headland was named Cape Ahmad. The surf is rolling up to a height above two meters. The waves continued to roll in as if to suck up to the surfers who tried to conquer it. According Eldiman, only expert surfers who play on a surfboard are able to conquer the waves Maluk Super Suck Coast.

If tourists do not carry a surfboard, not to worry. Eldiman says it is ready to rent a surfboard. Concerning the rental rate, there is no specific tariff. "Sometimes we even lend it for free," said Eldiman. With the waves are so challenging, I wonder if the Beach Maluk become a means of showing off skills of the surfers who come from all over the world. Usually they come at times of holiday. The atmosphere is still relatively quiet beach, making the tourists become more enjoy.

Indeed, compared to the coastal tourist attraction in Bali, Beaches Maluk not much visited by tourists. Beach Maluk still less popular than the Kuta Beach and Sanur Beach. Yet in terms of exotic charm, Cote Maluk no less. And soft white sands and blazing sun that emits light, can make tourists feel at home in the sun. For tourists who do not want to sunbathe or surf, to spend time with canoeing. Each canoe can be rented.

To visit the beach is not very difficult Maluk. Transportation facilities needed by tourists available at all times. From the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara, Mataram, takes about six hours to get to the beach Maluk. About two hours drive using the ferry from Port Kayangan Lombok. The rest of the journey taken by land.

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