Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bening Dam

Widas Bening Dam is located on the border between Madison County and District Nganjuk, precisely in Hamlet Petung, Pajaran Village, District Saradan, about 40 km from Madison to the north.

Sightseeing is a reservoir of interest to visit because it is also used as a fishing pond, canoeing, and other leisure activities. This area is also equipped with several tourist facilities, such as play ground, scouting equipment, food stalls and souvenir shop, etc. You can enjoy the attractive scenery and relax in the tourist areas. Enjoy a fantastic forest tourism and agro tourism. Scouts can perform their activities here. Independent study, and enjoy the natural surroundings. Area reservoirs Widas about 860 square kilometers, the existing facilities at tourist attraction widas existing lake water in the form of fishing tours, children's play park, shops, docks and some boat speed boot but the number was limited, but it can be developed into water sports, can be sports field construction tennis, loco trip (trains) in the woods, where lodging, restaurants. At this time Widas Reservoir is managed by Jasa Tirta.

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