Thursday, May 5, 2011

Waterfalls Seweru

Seweru waterfall is located on the slopes of Mount Wilis at an altitude of 400 m above sea level. The source of this waterfall from beneath the mountain and appear on top of shade trees. This place is situated about 25 km from the city of Madison to the east of the village quickly Kare, Kare Kandangan coffee plantation area, Madison County

Sightseeing is often visited by young people and the environment as beautiful and stunning panoramas. The air and the environment are very cold, while they examine recreational physical agility and endurance exercise.

Waterfall beauty Seweru / Serondo / Selampir accompanied with views of jungle tours that enhance the beauty of natural scenery. There is also agro tourism that enhances the brightness of the environment; apple plantation, Citrus Fruits, flower gardens and clove plantations. The location not far from the location of waterfalls Seweru.

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