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Blue Nature Tourism

Blue Nature Tourism is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Pasuruan, in this blue banyu there are 4 swimming pools and a play ground. of 4 swimming pools are 2 of them are original pool of water from the source, white water clear somewhat bluish, bluish color plasticity because water sources in. Nature Tourism blue banyu South is adjacent to the town of Pasuruan, about 30 minutes drive from the town of Pasuruan.

In this blue Banyu Wisata rame visited during the weekend, and if at the time there is a specific event such as during the Lebaran day seven (Kupatan). There are interesting from the story of the origins of this Blue tour.

The traders who came from the Arabian Peninsula generated a lot of changes and new civilizations in our homeland, especially the kingdom of Majapahit at the time. Religion Islam they carry as well as fast once meresab in the hearts of the people especially small in the beginning always live in the neighborhood sesial caste and other differences. Slowly but surely the old Majapahit kingdom in the wake of the fallen victims of property and life fading light.

Besides due to the influence of religion there are also other factors that accelerate the collapse of the split belahnyapersatuan by an officer of the leaders of Majapahit who have converted to Islam that is Raden Patah reveal kewibaannya slowly.

Majapahit fall apart, most people follow religion of his fathers. They are many others who fled the stricken area. Place
others to be the escape of the south district
Pasuruan, now people know him by the Tengger. Among the many fugitives from the Majapahit that there are two ex-soldiers who were stranded disebuah Majapahit forest is now more famous by the name Sumberejo village, district of Pasuruan regency Winongan.

Two men, respectively named racing and TOMBRO. The forest was their tripe to be made in new residential areas. By
because at that time a lot of nut tree then plant new areas had more famous by the name Jambaan (Jambe = nut, java). Until sekarangnama jambaan still there and became one of pendukuhan Sumberejo village. Two former soldiers live in peace and for their daily meals to manage the land. In addition to farming life racing also opened a blacksmith shop. Since before he was famous as a master craftsman who are adept in making kris and other sharp weapons, goods which form anvil legacy can still be seen and located next to his tomb contained the complex of baths Banyu Biru. While tombro the only farming alone but his name is more prominent than the racing.

On a day of buffalo pet Tombro removed from their enclosures. As the habit every day. The two buffaloes were feeding themselves without
accompanied by their masters and shepherds who should watch him. That habit if by chance the stars tidakdipekerjakan paddy fields. In the afternoon return to the cage that was standing in the back of the house owner. But on that day when Tombro about to close pintukandang hdung did not see the stem-buffalo buffalo. Hurry she went looking to yangada forest around his village. Not because he's so hard to find tracks based on the soles of the feet buffalo.

Apparently the two buffaloes wallow that was engrossed disebuah small pond that never knew. Tombro screaming for pet animals that get up and go home kekandang. Apparently the buffalo did not move at all from where Tombro Tombro closer and a little surprised because it turned out buffalos telahterperangkap in the mud. Immediately dipetiknya four taro leaves that usually grow in the vicinity. The four leaves, he spread out in front of both the buffalo tail.

Once again Tombro snapped buffaloes seemed both moved and taro leaves reaching for her toes and then suddenly got up and out
from kubungan. The animals ran home kekandangnya. After the death of pet animals stood for a moment Tombro lane
The little pond. In her view the pool and now he no longer saw the murky mud but a pond filled with clear water, so basically it looks real sandy. Even interrupted-Shelah twigs that are based appear two fish ponds is engrossed berenangkian sengkaring here. According to the story of two people that fish reproduce slowly until now. Visitors come to the bathhouse who happened to watch the fish, the numbers have doubled and swim from place to place as if competing with the visitor who was in the shower baths. From the crystal clear water rocks sand base so that the water looks blue. With the discovery of the magic pool, the residents come watch jambaan banya. Since then the residents maintain it properly. And the pool is called Blue.

News of the discovery of a strange pond had a chance to be heard by the Regent of Pasuruan named Raden Duke Nitiningrat. Together with a Dutch authorities named PW Hopla (according to the inscription written in letters of Java), the two men were also watching. The pool was later built by the Dutch government with the name of Lake Willis. This lake was built by people who continue to be used as Dutch public baths. To beautify
These baths are made flower gardens and dilegkapi with different kinds of sculptures taken from Singosari Malang.

In addition to maintaining buffalo Tombro also maintain a monkey. After the death of Mr. Tombro buried near the bathhouse and the monkeys that breed hinggaberatus-hundred tails. At the time of Japanese occupation, the monkeys had been shot and the rest withdrew Umbulan Forestry near the village which is famous for water resources
drink. While the story does not pack a lot of racing because he only talked about her work as a maker of agricultural equipment. He was buried in a row with his wife's tomb named mbok Kipah. Lane north of the old pool every Friday Tosari many people make pilgrimages kemakam it. According to local residents every story there are people trying to move the anvil near his grave the next day it will come back to the place anvil asalnya.Kira in 1980 about the statues of many historic garden bath was collected in one place and protected by the Cultural section
Ministry of Education and Culture Pasuruan regency. The place is located within the complex of baths are now more famous by the name Blue.
Geographic Location: Distance from the city about 20 km
The total area of ​​approximately 4 Blue Source RejoKecamatan village hektarWilayah Winongan WordPress. Macaques - monkeys in the pet by the inventor of the Banyu Biru (Pak Tombro) multiplied to hundreds of - hundred tails. At the time of Japanese occupation of the monkeys had been shot and the rest withdrew Umbulan Forestry near the village which is famous for its drinking water source.

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