Monday, May 9, 2011

Candi Jawi

Jawi Temple is located in the village of District Candiwates Prigen Pasuruan East Java. Jawi Temple was built during the 13th century (1300 AD) in the year 1331. Jawi Temple was damaged by a thunderbolt, renovated in the year 1938 - 1941 when the Dutch period.

In those days could not dilanjutan restoration because the stone - stone temple much less, only the experimental arrangement made just behind the temple. Then restored again in the year 1975 - 1980 New Order era, the stone - stone which is less artificial stone made from cement.
The size of the temple building height 5.24 m, 14:20 m length and width of 9.5 m. Size of pond (moat) 45 equal side length, 90 cm thick wall, a depth of 2 m, width 3.5 m, 2 m high fortress walls Building materials made of andesite stone temple.
Jawi Temple relics of King Kertanegara Singosari last king, who serves as a place pendarmaan King Kertanegara or place where the ashes of King Kertanegara who are Hindu Buddhist. The combination of Hindu Buddha could be called also Tentrayana. Building characteristics are Hindu Buddhist stupa (roof) is indicative of the Buddhist and Hindu marks. Jawi Temple building is divided into 3 (three) parts: legs, body and roof.

In parts of the body canal just have a room that contains the Linga and Yoni but Lingganya not exist. Linga and Yoni that as a symbol of fertility of men and women. On the fourth side of the body of the temple there are niches - niches that previously contained the area that is an area Ardanari, Durga, Siwamahaguru, Ganesh, and Nandiswara.

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