Thursday, May 19, 2011

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden is located in the village Wanasari Tabanan Regency, approximately 5 km north of Tabanan town exactly 6 km to the north from downtown. Park open every day from 8:00 s.d. at 17:00 pm and last ticket at 16.00 pm. Butterfly garden has been established since 1996 and is managed by PT. Butterflies Lester Park.

Butterfly garden has a spacious location 1 Ha with netting areas (rooms are closed Nets) 3700 M3. To release the butterflies to a minimum 3500-2 fish per month, and consists of different kinds of butterfly-2 from all over Indonesia. Every day hundreds detachable tail butterfly colorful, one of which the most famous in the world is: the butterfly wing of the Bird of Heaven (Omithoptera Paradisea) Priamus and various kinds from all over the archipelago.

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