Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Motion Dam Gampengrejo

The entrance to the dam is marked by a yellow tractor monuments, dams Motion Waru Turi in Kediri regency, East Java. Previously, the road has also become an alternative if the pass leading to the Nganjuk, much closer than past Mrican Bridge. Since the passing sights drawn admission, unless you are a local resident
Inside the dam there are several artificial rivers and the location is full of trees. So if this place is crowded during courtship used as the location of visitors. There is also a flying fox (not just Kelud only), bicycle water, dams lotus, children's toys, swimming pool and of course the fresh fish stalls. Formerly stall Iwak times also buy directly into the search of fish in this dam. The unique fishing rod fish finder does not use ordinary, but instead use small nets hook.

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