Monday, May 2, 2011

Goa Sigolo Golo

For those who like a challenge and climbed the mountain, tour Goa Sigolo Golo dovetails well with you. To get to the location where Sigolo Golo Cave is not very easy, should prepare a truly stamina strength and courage of heights. Golo Sigolo Goa has two attraction.

At the bottom there is a small river with very clear water, river water still flowing despite the drought. You have to walk down to get to the rivers. Here, your stamina is tested, the road to the river and the very steep decline. Return is still passing the same road that is uphill.

Above you will find a cave with a huge hole. The distance from the lips of the cave until the end of the cave is no more than 5 meters. To get to the cave is also not easy. You must climb the tree roots that have been aged. Relax tree roots are very strong. But you must be very careful, a little off guard can fall from a height.

Perhaps the history of this cave was once used for meditation place Patih Maudoro father of Damar Wulan in the era of the Majapahit kingdom. Local Trust said if meditating in this cave with good intentions will Fulfilled, otherwise if with bad intentions will get hurt.

Located in the Village Panglungan, Hamlet Sranten, Wonosalam District, Jombang East Java. Distance from Mojoagung about 28 km. The only public transport vehicles to Wonosalam only coded 'M', before you have to ride the vehicle coded 'D2' for the Mojoagung. For more complete list kendaaran code please click here. Villages that did not pass Panglungan, only reached the last stop Wonosalam. Highly recommended to bring their own vehicle. The route was very easy to be reached. Just follow the asphalt road towards Wonosalam get to your destination. Beware very winding roads and up and down.

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