Thursday, May 19, 2011

Museum Semarajaya

Semarajaya Museum Complex located in Kertha Gosa / Taman Gili, precisely, exactly located at the former school building I Klungkung is located on Jl. Lucky Surapati. Semarajaya Museum can be reached from Denpasar, Candi Dasa majors, Amlapura and Besakih.
Semarajaya Museum built on former House MULO School (Middle School Age Netherlands) and former junior high school located in complex I Klungkung Kertha Gosa / Taman Gili, Pemedal Court (the former kingdom of Klungkung door). In the museum display items from prehistoric times to the objects used during the war bellows Klungkung. Semarajaya Museum was inaugurated by the Minister of the Interior on April 28, 1992. In this museum can see the goods that are used as ceremonial equipment by the kings of Klungkung and documentary photographs of the descendants of the kings of Klungkung.
Semarajaya Museum since it opened and inaugurated on April 28, 1992 have a lot of tourist visits. For tourists who visit the Museum Semarajaya levy charged object.

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