Thursday, May 19, 2011

Puputan Klungkung Monument

Puputan Klungkung Monument This towering as high as 28 meters from the base / base building in the middle of town Semarapura, so easily reached either from the direction of Denpasar, Besakih, Candi Dasa, because standing on the outskirts of the busy lanes of traffic. The location of the monument is very strategic because Puputan Klungkung adjacent to Kertha Gosa / Taman Gili, Shopping Centre, Traditional Market and Government Offices. Linga-Yoni-shaped built on an area of ​​123 square meters, was named the inaugural Klungkung Monument Puputan made by the Minister of the Interior on April 28, 1992. Bellows is the term people of Bali for all-out war in defense of honor. Her spirits, it's better to die on the battlefield than to live with dignity trampled. In the history of the conquest of Bali by the Dutch, bellows Klungkung was the final round of the Balinese people's struggle. According to the records I Made Sujaya, watching the history of Klungkung, in previous rounds, the resistance of the people of Bali do with a few choice steps. Some choose the path of compromise and work together, there are to choose the way up arms, there are also combining the two. Klungkung use the various options that way when dealing with Dutch colonialism. Beginning with a road of cooperation, then took up arms (Kusamba War), followed by compromise and diplomacy (interwoven political contract with the Netherlands) and ended with a road that led up arms in the bellows.

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