Thursday, May 19, 2011

Object Sibetan

Sibetan object is the name of a village in the district that has the potential of natural Bebandem typical farm in Karangasem regency which is famous for barking plant. Almost all residents in this village became salak farmer who spread evenly on the right and left along the village roads and major highways.

Fruits produced by this village is renowned as salak Bali which has its own flavor and different kind of fruit from other regions in Indonesia. That is why it was developed as a tourist village agro salak plants.

For access to the location of this agro-tourism is very open because their path crossed by public transport public transportation. The distance is about 8 km to the west of the City of Amlapura - the district capital - and ± 20 km from Candidasa tourism. Eve is cool provide added value to the existence of this object in which management is carried out by local residents who joined in the group of tourism awareness Lester Hamlet.

There are ± 15 kinds of varieties that grow in the village of barking Sibetan, some of which are superior products, such as salak salak pineapple and sugar that tastes very sweet, fresh fruit and meat that thick. and with. Harvest period which falls in December-February, making the production of abundant bark so that the local community to develop products processed fruits into various types, such as wine, dodol, chips, syrups, and sweets.

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