Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pura Goa Lawah

Pura Goa Lawah located about 49 km from Denpasar city, exactly in the District of Dawan, Klungkung, or about 10 km east of the City Semarapura.Tidak known for sure who is the founder and when it was founded Pura Goa Lawah but this temple was founded by the MPU Kuturan predicted in the 11th century . Pura which is inhabited by thousands of bats are included as Jagat, or Sad Goda Goda.

The view in this place was unique, a cave look under the shady trees, while the mouth of the cave there are several pelinggih. Pura Goa Lawah occupy coastal areas that meet the hills. In the court of the temple stood firm several Meru and other stana.

At the temple, precisely in the mouth of the cave there are pelinggih Sanggar General as Sang Hyang Tunggal worship (God Almighty), Meru Tumpang Three, Gedong Limasari and Gedong Limascatu.

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