Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rembangan baths

Rembangan baths located in one of the top of the slopes of Mount Argopuro which have a distance of about 12 km north of Jember City. Attractive scenery, baths, hotels, and tour a coffee plantation owned agro PTP Nusantara XII and dairy farm, where you can see the process of buying a dairy cow and fresh cow milk literan.

In the bath Rembangan with it lies at an altitude of these tourists can see the town of Jember & surrounding areas from above. And at night, very impressive views of city lights. Here the temperature is very cool & the air is very clean & fresh, very good for your body.
Tourists visiting the Rembangan can enjoy ginger tea and banana Rembangan Rembangan sublime fried cheese which is a typical food Jember.

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