Sunday, May 1, 2011

Patemon baths

Baths Patemon tourist attraction is the baths are located in the Levee District, District Jember.Objek Baths Patemon tour is a bathhouse that was built in the Dutch colonial period and from the bathhouse Patemon Water comes from springs Argopuro Mountain slope.

Location Patemon bath is about 2 km north City Dike or about 30 miles west of downtown muddy, with a total area of ​​4.5 ha, located at an altitude of ± 500 m / asl with temperatures between 28-340 C.

In the vicinity of bathing place was very cool air Patemon Object Object Baths Patemon the face is located in the mountains and springs that flow at the bathhouse Patemon was water coming from mountain springs so the water was very cold.

On holidays especially Sundays and national holidays many people visit the site Patemon baths, ranging from children, young people, to the parents.

In the bath is an increasingly attractive with ditambahnya a new pool and rides Waterboom, other than that there are places around the swimming pool has been improved so that more interesting to visit.

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