Monday, May 30, 2011


Senaru which means ray aru is a name of the village which is located in Bayan County District North Lombok. The village is located at the foot of this rinjani has advantages when dibadingkan with other villages in the District of North Lombok. Because in addition as a gateway to the Rinjani climbing, also has some beautiful sights and captivating.

Not surprisingly, when many foreign and local tourists who come to visit to enjoy the beauty of the Village Senaru. Because in addition to enjoying the waterfall tour Sindang Gila and Tiu valve, also the visitors can tour the house Senaru customs while enjoying the green coffee plantations owned by local residents Ranau.

For visitors who want to travel to several natural attractions and cultural tourism, to use the services of a guide who tegabung in the group "Panorama Work", which at all times ready to take the visitors. By removing the cost of approximately Rp. 200.000, - per person, guests will be escorted to several tourist attractions, such as custom house Senaru, Waterfall Tiu valve, enjoy the scenery banquet Bayan, Bayan ancient mosque and traditional houses village of Bajo Reef.

In traditional Hall Senaru, tourists can see the house is quite unique, a floor of clay with a fence bedek and sago palm leaf roof is quite cool because it surrounded by large trees that shade. Adatpun community will welcome each visitor with a friendly. And from this place, if the outward eye, will appear coffee trees owned by citizens.

If you're satisfied to enjoy the uniqueness of the traditional house, the guidepun will lead to Sindang Gila Waterfall. In this place can be witnessed granules waterfall like dew in the morning. Some people believe that this waterfall can cure aches pains or rheumatic disease. Wallhu'alam.

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