Monday, May 30, 2011

Spring Waterfall Mad North Lombok

Crazy Spring Waterfall (Spring Gile), which can attract thousands of tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists per year is one of the main tourist attractions of Mount Rinjani National Park.

Waterfall is situated at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level with the achievement of 20 minutes'walk from the village of Senaru which is also the main access to Mount Rinjani National Park.

Besides Spring Gile, there is a another waterfall which is located about 1 hour walk from Spring Gile waterfall known as Tiu valve. The journey to the waterfall valve Tiu very challenging and beautiful with the rocks through the mountain and cliff sides of the green.

There we not only enjoy the scenic beauty of the waterfall, but also can swim in natural pools - a local myth even mention that whoever who swam in waterfalls Tiu sekeluarnya valve then from there he will be younger.

In addition to these two popular waterfalls, there's still one more waterfall located in the same region ie Waterfall Betara Lenjang yet to reach the final location of this waterfall which you need a high spirit of adventure as well as a tour guide who understand the forest line and equipment adequate.

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