Monday, May 2, 2011

Temple Arimbi

Object Temple Tour Arimbi or name Pulo Caungkup Temple is located in the hamlet Ngrimbi, pulosari village, District Together, Jombang district, East Java. Arimbi name taken from the puppet character Goddess Arimbi wife of Raden Werkudoro. Temple built around 14th century Majapahit era depicts Tribuwana Wijaya Tungga Goddess, King of Majapahit reign 1328-1350 AD

Hindu Temple patterned thick with an area 896.56 m2. Solid structures composed of andesite, while the foundation stone of a brick. ± 10 m high temple, the width of ± 6 m and a length of ± 8 m. This temple has a central room where the statue Purwati and the statue is now kept at the National Museum Jakarta.

Location of the temple on the highway-Wonosalam Mojoagung. The temple opened to the public and free to enter the Temple location Arimbi.

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