Monday, May 2, 2011

Waterfall Tretes

Enjoy the natural beauty of the waterfall tours Tretes Teaching Hamlet, Village Galengdowo, Wonosalam District, Jombang East Java. High waterfall Tretes ± 150 meters and is situated at an altitude of ± 1700 feet above sea level.

To enjoy the natural scenery is stunning in this Tretes waterfall you are required to walk along the ± 5 km to the location. Roads that are not easily taken over hills and rivers. The road is only a path without any direction.

Slippery and rocky. Up and down, but that's where the challenge. after tired walking and hiking you'll be treated to a scenic waterfall that is very charming. Waterfall that flows from the mountains, green forests, and rocky mountains will hypnotize you in an instant.

Due to hard headed to the site so it is still rare visitors who travel to Tretes. But not infrequently also be a place Tretes waterfalls camping for nature lovers. Fastest path leading to the village Galengdowo is passed into Kandangan Kediri district. After reaching the market Kandangan turn left at the fork. There you can ask the residents about the direction toward Galengdowo.

Public transport is available only until Gudo, you can ride public transportation with the code B2 or F at the terminal Kepuhsari, after the Gudo you can shift gears while riding toward Kandangan market. Up in Kandangan no public transport that goes into the location which was situated still far away.

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