Sunday, June 19, 2011

Barito bridge

Barito Bridge is a tourist attraction that is about ± 15 km from Banjarmasin City Centre. Barito Bridge can be reached by road or bridge sungai.menuju Barito travel time takes approximately ± 45 minutes by water transportation. from the Port Kuin moving towards the upstream end of the island across the Flower, Floating Market, Alalak Island, and Island Estuary Anjir. Barito Bridge has a length of 1082 meters across the Barito river 800 meters wide and small island (Pulau Bakut) as wide as 200 meters. This bridge consists of the main bridges along the 902 meters, 180 meters and the bridge approach, with a width of 10.37 meters. The height of free space the main bridge 15-18 feet, so it can be used for traffic waters. This bridge was first inaugurated in 1997 by former President Suharto.

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