Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bridge Rumpiang

Rumpiang Bridge is a tourist attraction that has a range of about ± 1 km from City Marabahan. Rumpiang Bridge can be reached by road or lane sungai.dengan travel time of about ± 1.45 minutes from downtown Banjarmasin using ground transportation. The bridge was started dibagun Rumpiang in 2003 and completed in early 2008. Rumpiang bridge is a bridge stretching over yamg Barito river, city Marabahan, Barito Kuala District. The bridge was inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on April 25, 2008. With the presence of the bridge will facilitate the flow of traffic from the city of Banjarmasin and vice versa Marabahan to that previously had to use ferries to cross the River Barito. Rumpiang bridge itself has a total span length of 753 meters with a main span over 200 meters using arch steel frame construction. Rumpiang Bridge construction started in late 2003, using funds from the state budget and local budget Barito Kuala District and the South Kalimantan provincial government amounting to Rp174, 5 billion.

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