Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bima Regency Beach Kalaki

Kalaki beach is quite flat, sandy beach, located south of the town of Bima. From the town of Bima, past Lawata toward Palibelo Airfield. In Kalaki, visitors can play shallow sea water, or a picnic while enjoying the ocean view Bima bay. Kalaki Beach Visitors generally come from the town of Bima and the district Woha and Belo / Palibelo. At holiday time such as when Aru King (Lebaran), once crowded beach Kalaki. The merchants had long ago set up the tents on the roadside along the coast. Actually, the beach is not too good Kalaki. Sand mixed with mud so that if passed will become turbid. In addition there are many stones are quite sharp if stepped on, and certainly very uncomfortable because it can undermine. The beach is also very gentle so as to get sufficient depth for swimming or diving, visitors must go deep into the sea.
If the sea water receded, the landscape becomes more unpleasant because the water becomes very deep into the temporary abandonment of land that seemed full of stones scattered. Bima District Government has become the "owner" Kalaki beach looks already done some "development" on the beach, a few shelters that can be used by visitors to take shelter and sit around. But the amount would not suffice as visitors crowded as when the King of Aru. Visitors mat and finally held in the garden in groups of people across the beach. They generally hold a berbeque or "burn-burn" in the place. Usually, which is the chicken and baked fish. Kalaki Coast, once again, become the people's choice for a picnic because not many better choices. The beach in the bay Waworada (east Karumbu) is more beautiful with a view south coast is very remote and road facilities are also inadequate. In this case, Bima District Government still had a role in arranging more attractions that are needed by the community

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