Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bima Regency Village Campa

Campa is one small village that is located in the districts of Bima, NTB, particularly in sub Madapangga. Its location is far from the crowds, but Campa also keeps the natural beauty that may be many people who do not know this. Examples such as ecotourism OI Taba, if this one might already know a lot, but there is one place that people do not know the location of Waterfall, judging this waterfall can be managed to serve as ecotourism. For the photos I took of the boys high school KASMAPALA 1 City BIMA.
Here are photos of ecotourism OI Taba Campa. Form of ecotourism is a kind of place where glide glide but the difference in OI Taba in shape by nature.

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