Monday, June 13, 2011

Cape Coast Dambus

Cape Coast Tourism Objects Dambus / Sempadi Island lies in the village of Kuala Refuse District North Ketapang Matan Hilir, West Kalimantan that has mileage of about 60 km from City Ketapang. To reach Cape Coast Dampus can use two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel drive, and then continued with klotok boat / motor of water toward the coast of Cape Dampus cluster with about 90 minutes travel time by road inland, and plus 30 minutes by road waters. Dampus Cape Coast has an area of ​​about 100 Ha. Many facilities owned Dampus Cape Coast. And when tourists are on the beach of Tanjung Dampus, tourists can perform activities such as: looking at Sunset, bird watching, tracking, swimming, nature studies, out bond, snorkel, fishing, camping, surfing / sailing. Uniqueness Dampus Cape Coast is an unspoiled beach and there are still many endemic birds and rare plants that inhabit this region, as well as a culinary tour when durian season arrives. Located at the mouth of the river Kuala Decline, and can be reached just 30 minutes by boat klotok / motor water, making it suitable for tourists who love adventure.

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