Monday, June 13, 2011

Cape Coast Belandang

Belandang Cape Coast tourist attraction is one of the attractions closest to the City of Ketapang which is only about 12 km from downtown Ketapang West. Less is more with the distance 20 minutes have come to the beach. Cape Coast Tourism Belandang this can be achieved with two-wheeled motor vehicle or four wheel. The location of Cape Coast attractions Belandang is very broad, so often used as a camping place students and scouts, but it is also used as a motor racing arena Grasstrack, beach sports, water bikes and other recreation to the general public. In the vicinity of Cape Coast is also available Belandang outbound tourism equipment such as Bamboo Tilt, Flying Fox, Nets Ropes, stilts Bridge, Hanging Bridge, Bridge of Tarzan, Alley Rats and Ladder Color, and also a pool that often visit the residents of Ketapang every day off. Belandang Cape Coast is ideal for weekend excursions with family.

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