Monday, June 20, 2011

Coast Takisung

The beach is located in District Takisung Takisung the west area of ​​Tanah Laut Regency. Located approximately 22 miles from city Pelaihari or approximately 87 km from the capital city of Banjarmasin South Kalimantan. Although the Coast Takisung is the Java Sea, but the waves were not huge like the south coast of Java. Making it safe for tourism as well as a settlement. As a tourist attraction, could be classified Takisung Beach attractions stunning beaches with views of the beach surrounded by palm trees with brown sand like sea water (for the identification of water, ie, from observations obtained pH 9 is classified as alkaline water with a temperature of 250C and water flow speed of 1927 rpm, while the brightness level of the water by 32 cm), ditemanin many markets that sell snacks typical beaches, ranging from fish sauce, garnish mussels, shrimp, fish, coral reefs up directly from the fishermen. Plus Tanah Laut regency government that continues to mempoles attraction through the development of a number of public facilities that are not owned by any other beach attractions. Among them, shelter, permanent stage, restaurants, and lodging.

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