Monday, June 20, 2011

Coast Swarangan

Attractions: Beaches Swarangan attraction is the beach with a variety of means of support, the tourists can watch the sun rise and sun tenggelam.Objek Swarangan Coast Tourism Has a carrying capacity to be a tourist spot, with waves big enough and at the edge of the overgrown beach Tour to plant mangrove trees, the entertainment facilities, public toilets. Carrying capacity of marine tourism with big attractions as well as water clarity wave laut.Objek Swarangan Coast Tourism is ideal for weekend trips with the family in order to eliminate fatigue. The beach is located in the Village Swarangan Swarangan, District Jorong. Accessibility to these objects can be reached through land transportation with the distance of ± 52 km from the capital city of Tanah Laut district, or about 117 km from the capital city of Banjarmasin South Kalimantan.

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